Canadian troops on US soil.

I am sorry if my disdain for what happens in the rest of the Union offends you but it makes absolutely no difference to me. There was a time, I would have bled myself dry for a country I once knew and I don’t anymore.  Today, my primary concern is my town and my state, friends and neighbors. Nevertheless, I was perturbed by this pictures. We’ve all have heard about sightings of Chinese, Russian and German troops moving all about but gmyself, until now, I had not seen anything like this. Canadian troops caught on camera having lunch at now closed Walmart, in Marysville, Wa having lunch. According to the source the convoy is on their way to Yakima for training. So there you have it folks, foreign troops on American soil. I have heard from some fellow vets about some of the exercises they’ve participated in the paston us soil, while in the Navy I participated in many drills on international and some in national waters but none ever near to this scale. I have to ask, after all of the blood and assets spent abroad |”fighting|” for our freedom, how do we come to this? |For all intended purposes all of the decades of modern day wars should have purchased enough liberty to last a lifetime. canadian9









Us Terror2


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